Started in 1996, the Ph.D. in business studies is a three-year program designed for highly qualified and motivated students that wish to improve their research skills in areas related to business and managerial disciplines. The aim of the program is to train students to research and to prepare them to careers in academia, international organizations, public institutions, or large firms. Job placement of its Ph.D. graduates is a central objective of the program.


How the program is organized:

The first three terms of the program are devoted to provide students with a solid methodological background in business and managerial disciplines. During this period they attend courses on a number of different core subjects that range from accounting and control to banking and finance and from industrial economics to organization and management.  In the remaining part of their Ph.D. period, students write the doctoral thesis; during this period they are encouraged to spend some time abroad, in a foreign University or research institution. In order to obtain the Ph.D. degree, students are expected to produce original analytical research eligible for publication in international journals.


Partner Universities:

Department of Business Administration, University of Brescia
Department of Economic, Business, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Trieste
Department of Management, University of Venice


Coordinator: Prof. Francesca Visintin